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You work hard. Day after day. Paycheck after paycheck. There's never enough money left. Getting a second job is stressful and working overtime isn't feasible.

You keep hearing about the ‘boom times’ we’re having. Yet, it seems that financial pressure is neverending. Just working to pay the bills can be a grind. 

Let me tell you:

  • No, you don't need to be super smart to create income for life
  • No, you don't need a lot of money to get started
  • No, you don't need to work tirelessly to form passive income streams
  • YES, your efforts will be pay off through patience and consistency

At the end of 2019, I told myself it was time to get my wife and I out of the grind. I knew it would take time and effort, but the two of us were determined to figure it out.

Passive income is money you earn all the time, whether you're working, sleeping, or hanging out with friends and family.

When my wife and I started tracking our passive income, we were only making enough each month to cover a week's worth of groceries. But that week's worth of groceries was now free in our mind, because our passive income was covering it.

Fast forward to today, we earn enough passive income to pay our internet, mobile phone, and electricity bills. We are that much closer to covering our expenses, and our passive income per month increases month over month.

There are many ways to create passive income. You can do things like:

  • Use your time to generate money, such as by creating digital products to sell online
  • Use your money to generate more money, which includes investing in the stock market and getting paid dividends each month or quarter
  • Buy a business and have it run itself, paying you the profits
  • Do something you enjoy, such as creating a YouTube channel where your videos earn you money indefinitely.

The list goes on.

Each way that you earn passive income is called a passive income stream, and the more streams you build, the more money you make.

Passive income is financial independence.

When you earn enough passive income to cover your expenses, working becomes optional.

What would it mean to you for work to become optional? What would you do with your time knowing that you had enough money to stop working if you chose to?

I actually asked myself this question, and here are some thoughts that popped into my head:

  • Travel the world
  • Study something new every year
  • Take a short break each year to recharge
  • Write a book and publish it
  • Give more to charity

These sound like dreams but they're not. For some people, this is their reality, and it's their reality because they've spent the time and energy to build a lifetime of passive income.

“But which idea is right for me?”

There are dozens of ways to earn passive income and you might wonder which ways are correct for you. 

This is where Passive Income Made Simple comes in.

Passive Income Made Simple reviews and outlines 41 life-changing ways to empower your future.

This book instills everything you need to know about:

  • How much risk is involved for each method
  • The potential return on investment for the given method
  • How feasible it is for the average person to implement
  • How passive it truly is
  • How to get started with each technique

When you finish reading Passive Income Made Simple, you'll be ready to start your journey to earn passive income for life. 

It's time to take action and walk the path to financial freedom.

passive income made simple cover

Buy for $29