Mortgage Calculator

Use this mortgage calculator to calculate your monthly payments on a mortgage for an upcoming home purchase. 

First, enter the price of the property, the down payment percentage, and the amount of your loan. Next, enter the number of payments in months (360 for 30 years, 180 for 15 years) and the annual interest rate. 

From there, enter the APR of the loan and points on the mortgage. Then, enter the annual property taxes, annual insurance, and what percent of private mortgage insurance you’re paying, if any. 

Typical mortgages are End-of-Period, but the option to pay at Start-of-Period is available.

After entering all fields, click Calc to see your monthly payment amount, your down payment amount, the total interest you’ll pay over the loan, and the total principal and interest. You can then click on Payment Schedule to see an amortization table. Additionally, you can click on Charts to see graphical information about your loan.

Enter a "0" (zero) for one unknown value above.

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