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We all have things we want in life and many of these things require money. Whether you want to go on an exotic vacation, buy something fancy, move to a new location, or put your kids through college, coming up with the money to reach your dreams sometimes feels challenging.

While many people rely on debt to fund their lifestyles, consumer debt hinders your ability to build wealth, which makes it more difficult to retire comfortably one day.

Making more money can be done through many means, including:

  • Getting a raise at work
  • Working a second job
  • Picking up a side hustle
  • Starting your own business
  • Investing in dividend-paying stocks, real estate rentals, or alternative investments
  • Buying assets that pay you

Clean Cut Finance has many articles that discuss how to increase your income.

Jobs and Side Hustles

A side hustle is something you do beyond your ordinary job to earn extra money. Side hustles can range from anything you do a few days a month to something you do almost daily.

The articles below go into detail on both jobs and side hustles that may significantly increase the amount of income you bring in each month. These articles are arranged by various factors, such as online jobs, jobs for younger people, and so on.

Increase Your Monthly Income

Increasing your monthly income can be done with a side hustle, as mentioned above, or through means such as investing or earning passive income. Below are articles that discuss how to make more money through a combination of working more, investing, and via passive income.

Grow Your Wealth

Your net worth is the sum of all of your assets minus the sum of all of your liabilities. A higher net worth can indicate a healthier financial situation for an individual. Below are articles that discuss how not only to make money, but how to increase your net worth and grow your wealth.

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