13 Ways to Make $50,000 in a Month

Woman holding $50,000 that she made in a month

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Nowadays, many people are seeking to improve their financial situation. Perhaps you’re in the process of paying off debt. Maybe you’re looking to establish an emergency fund. Or, maybe you’re looking to live a more lavish lifestyle.

Few would pass up the opportunity to earn $50,000 a month, but to many, this doesn't seem feasible. However, in this article, we'll share the various ways in which you can make $50,000 a month and whether it is truly achievable.

Can You Really Make $50,000 a Month?

There are plenty of ways to earn $50,000 a month — some of which can be done by starting your own business or making money online. While some apps like UberEats or DoorDash can provide a great side hustle for quick cash, these options aren’t enough to make $50,000 each month.

Below are just a few of the best ways where you can earn $50,000 a month or more. This isn’t easy to achieve, which is why many people may not try to earn this much in the first place. From selling a course to creating an online business or your own website — here are various ways to make as much as $50,000 a month or even more.

1. Start a Blog

While making a blog is one of the most popular ways to create another stream of income, it’s not necessarily fast or easy to do. In terms of income potential though, blogging is a favorite among people looking to make money online. Making $50,000 every month isn’t something that most blogs can achieve, but the possibility is there.

Blogging has become quite popular because income is the product of the traffic — the more traffic your blog generates, the more money you can make. Moreover, blogging offers a lot of ways to make money, which includes:

Realistically speaking, some blogs earn more than $5,000 a month from affiliate income and ads combined, which is nowhere near the $50,000 you’re aiming for. However, meticulous planning of various blogs, each of which can have its own ads while you build up its networks, can eventually earn you that much money after putting in years of time and effort. Furthermore, a well-targeted niche blog can earn $50,000 per month or more given time and an effective strategy to do so.

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2. Create a YouTube Channel

Creating a YouTube channel is another way in which people can potentially amass money. This is another great side hustle — where even beginners can build up a sizeable income. Much like blogging, starting a YouTube channel won’t instantly make you rich. However, it will provide an incredibly high earning ceiling due to the number of views and traffic it can generate.

Moreover, if you do manage to get millions of views per month on YouTube, you can make as much as $50,000 or more depending on your sponsorships, affiliate income, and advertising venue. According to various sources, here’s a breakdown of what the highest-earning YouTubers are making:

  • Ryan Kaji: $26 million
  • Preston: $14 million
  • PewdiePie: $13 million
  • VanossGaming: $11.5 million

These YouTubers are making more than $50,000 each month. While these are the top channels out now, there are plenty of YouTube channels that report income by tens of thousands every month. Even if you’re not one of the top channels on YouTube, you can still make as much as $20,000 each month just in advertising revenue and may even make more if you have affiliate income.

3. Get Into Real Estate Rental Properties

Throughout human history, real estate has always been a great place to find money. The best part about this is that there are a few options for you to take if you’re looking to make $50,000 in real estate. The most straightforward way is to become a real estate agent, where you can make thousands or millions of dollars in commission every year.

However, this may be highly unlikely to happen if you’re just getting started with real estate. Furthermore, many agents lose money at first once you factor in licensing fees, along with the fact that many agents aren’t active in real estate. Even so, being a real estate agent is still a viable option since it still presents you with a way to earn up to $50,000 every month.

Moreover, real estate offers plenty of other methods to earn money, such as:

  • Earning income from rental properties
  • Flipping real estate
  • Investing in real estate crowdfunding

If you’re looking into real estate crowdfunding, there are ways in which you can invest in real estate equity and debt to make $50,000 in a month. This provides a great solution if you’re looking for passive income — there are some companies that you can use for investing in real estate.

For instance, websites such as Fundrise allow you to invest in income-generating real estate with as low as $10 to start. At the same time, you can also look up other websites where you can earn interest using real estate debt where you can get paid every month to increase your income.

One of the most popular ways to earn money through real estate is by using rental properties — plenty of people will buy duplexes so that they can live in one unit and then rent out the other. However, it will take more than a few rental properties to generate an income of $50,000 a month, but it is still an option. In the end, real estate is a real candidate for your financial goals because it is such a lucrative industry, and with enough streams of income, it’s possible to earn $50,000 each month.

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4. Flip Houses

If you have some money together, you may be able to flip a house, which is also a great way to earn quick cash. While the concept of flipping homes has been around for a long time, you will need to do a lot of hard work to make a big profit. Moreover, flipping homes can be risky — if you don’t dedicate a lot of research, you might end up paying too much for the property and lose money instead of making it.

When it comes to flipping, there’s a small sweet spot for how much money you should spend on the house that will also make you money. While flipping can be a great way to get your hands on quick cash, you also run the risk of purchasing a property at a high price. Should home values fall while you’re making renovations to a home, then you’ll be stuck with a house that you’ve invested a lot of money in without being able to sell it for a profit.

According to ATTOM Data Solutions, a top property data firm, flippers had an average 40.6% ROI in the third quarter of 2019 — this equates to a gross profit of $64,900 per flip. For a property to be considered a flip by ATTOM, it needs to have been bought and then sold within 12 months. In the example shown above, ROI was calculated through the division of the gross flipping profit ($64,900) from the purchase price (a median of $160,000).

It’s also important to keep in mind that the gross profit is calculated by getting the difference between the property’s original cost and how much you were able to sell it for. However, in ATTOM’s example, you’ll notice that their results didn’t include the cost of renovations, which is estimated to be around 20%-33% of a house’s value after making repairs.

5. Create a High-Ticket Coaching Offer

High-ticket coaching refers to all kinds of services that have a high dollar value that promises to provide you with a personal transformation and a specific outcome. Such services provide the participant with a structured framework worthy of a four or five-figure investment. Before selling coaching services, you’ll first need to develop a consultative sales process — this requires you to first build trust with your potential clients to encourage them to get your services.

Popular examples of high-ticket offers include:

  • Marketing coaching
  • Strategy coaching
  • Operations coaching
  • Sales coaching
  • Life coaching
  • Financial coaching
  • Business coaching
  • Legal coaching
  • Wellness coaching
  • Career coaching
  • Relationship coaching

There are three reasons why high-ticket coaching programs can be set apart from other kinds of coaching programs:

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Delivers Results

When a person is willing to make huge investments in a coaching program, it means that they need to solve a specific problem and that they’re looking for a specific outcome. A high-ticket program is a promise that if you followed the roadmap provided to a T, along with the right mindset, then they should be able to get the results they’re after.

Higher Prices

The price of the services is often the defining trait of a high-ticket coaching program. A high-ticket program will offer the chance to transform a person to a desired result, where people are willing to pay more than $5,000 to get help from a certified coach in their field. This is because the benefit and value that such experience can bring are guaranteed to improve their lives in the way they want it to.

While many can get away with the less structured approach that low-ticket coaching provides, such as Q&A-style sessions and quick intensives, this isn’t the same thing you would get from high-ticket programs. To be considered a high-ticket program, you must provide a clear framework that will help your clients achieve the transformation they’re after. You will need to provide a well-researched plan, various approaches, and techniques that will help your clients in their journey.

Higher Expectations

The price for these kinds of coaching services is high, so it’s only fair that customer expectations are also high. By employing your services, clients can expect to gain a mountain of materials and resources that provide a structured framework of the program along with an action plan that will make their learning repeatable.

Clients don’t want to think about whether or not they were explaining their needs in the right way or if they were asking the right questions — they simply want to see the results they need right away. Moreover, they want a path that’s already laid out for them rather than having to build a road map. In other words, high-ticket coaches work as a high-end concierge service.

6. Start an Affiliate Marketing Website

As an affiliate marketer, you can make great money online — you’ll be in charge of facilitating the transactions that happen between individuals and companies. By starting a website within a specific niche, you can get great commissions in affiliate marketing and earn a decent amount of money online. Unfortunately, a huge mistake that many affiliate marketers make is selecting a niche that isn't very profitable.

Before starting your website though, you’ll want to analyze the potential commissions you’ll make. For instance, if you want to start a website that sells and promotes dog toys, your commissions for affiliate marketing could be smaller. If your pet toy is around $10, then the commission you get for every toy sold may only be around $2.

However, if you were to start a website that sells and promotes outdoor grills, you can earn a lot more money. For example, if your grill costs around $800 and you get 10% for every sale, you can get $80. Apart from your affiliate income, you can also get money from ads you display on your website. All in all, starting an affiliate marketing website is an excellent way to get extra cash online.

Here are some affiliate networks to get you started:

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7. Be a Top-Notch Salesman

When it comes to sales, most companies provide employees with a basic salary along with incentives. It’s also best to keep in mind that compensation will depend on an important variable which is your location. Working as a sales rep in New York or San Francisco will give you a higher salary compared to someone who works in Nebraska.

This allows employers to be competitive while giving employees the means to cover their costs of living. According to Salary.com, the average salary of a Senior Inside Sales Representative falls between $54,894 and $76,457 as of December 2021. Of course, there will be a few differences based on your experience and location. However, every company will also follow its compensation model.

Some companies work with salespeople who don’t receive a base salary and are working purely on commission. Other employees work in companies where they are provided with $200,000+ each year plus incentives. Generally speaking, though, most companies will offer a base salary as well as bonus compensation.

8. Start an Ecommerce Business

Starting an eCommerce business is probably the most realistic choice on this list if you have the goal of earning $50,000 a month. While it might not seem like it, there’s a lot of money to be made in eCommerce. There have been plenty of success stories from regular people who had the idea of selling a product or service online.

These people eventually scaled their business and are now making millions each year. Your business could be anything — a niche product, a clothing brand, or even selling artwork. There is no limit to what you can sell online, provided that it’s legal, of course.

No matter what you sell, though, eCommerce has the potential to help you earn $50,000 or more every month. This is especially true if you can build up a lot of traffic on your website or if your products can go viral. The best part about this option is that you’ll have plenty of options when it comes to starting an eCommerce business.

One of the best-selling platforms available right now is Shopify. It provides a secure, easy, and affordable way to set up your online store — all without the need for coding. Another option is Sellfy, where you can create an online store in as little as 5 minutes.

Sellfy provides a speedy way to get any kind of store up and running, where you can sell various things such as:

  • Digital products
  • Physical products
  • Print on demand products
  • Subscriptions
  • And more

No matter what you decide to sell though, building an eCommerce store online is a great way to make $50,000 every month.

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9. Invest Millions and Earn Dividends in the Stock Market

Dividends refer to the payments that a company makes to their shareholders — owning stocks that pay dividends means that you are getting shares from the company’s profits. Having dividends allows you to get a stream of income apart from the growth you get from your portfolio’s market value. For instance, if you invested in a company that pays a 3% dividend for each share, and you own a share of the company worth $100, then you would get $3 in dividends.

Purchasing stocks that pay dividends can become bigger over time, provided that you’re making good buying choices. Some companies create a dividend reinvestment plan, which is referred to as “DRIP.” Working with a DRIP allows you to reinvest your dividends so you can get more shares, rather than getting cash. This can be a great plan especially if you have small dividends due to not owning much stock or because the company is still in the early stages.

However, it’s always best to look into dividend safety if you plan to invest. In other words, you need to determine how likely a company will keep paying your dividends at a rate that’s the same or higher. If a company pays out $90 million in dividends against their $100 million earnings, you can expect to make more of a profit than if they only paid $30 million in dividends.

But if the company pays out $90 million in dividends and its profits fall by 10%, then it won’t be able to keep up paying the same rate. In turn, this will lower your income. Furthermore, the $30 million payouts may also decrease, but it would be at a lower percentage in this case.

10. Flip High Earning Websites

If you’re looking for a fun and lucrative way to seriously make $50,000 a month, then you could consider flipping websites. Thankfully, the business model is easy enough to understand — all you need to do is purchase a website and increase its earnings through the following solutions:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Running ads
  • Other monetization methods

Once its value goes up, you can then sell it for a higher amount than what you paid for it. Much like with any other online business, this can be done from anywhere you are during any time you please.

It’s also advisable for you to do plenty of research before buying any website to make sure that you’ll be able to increase its worth and make money out of it. Once you’ve grown the earnings for the website, you’ll be able to sell the website on sites like EmpireFlippers or Flippa to get a profit. However, keep in mind that there will be fees associated with selling your website.

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If you have skills or knowledge in a particular area, there’s no reason why you can’t make money from it. Developing and building a course that details everything you know about your area of interest can help towards your goal of earning $50,000 a month. An online course helps you earn money from your experience — whether you’ve spent years getting information, creating a niche, or innovating an existing process.

The good thing about making an online course is that you’ll get to teach something you love and are passionate about, most importantly, it will be something you’re skilled in. But to make $50,000 per month, you will need to either charge a lot for the course(s) you make or sell a large volume of copies. You can also charge more if you want — if you offer a set of skills and knowledge on something in high demand, you can charge much higher.

Your hard work can pay off once you convert your knowledge into a course that you can share with others. You can sell your online courses on your website or you can look into external websites such as UdemySkillshareTeachable, and more. One of the best options in the market is Thinkific since it allows you to create, market, and deliver your online course straight from the website.

12. Buy Retail Items Low and Sell Them High

Websites and houses aren’t the only things you can make money on — flipping products for profit is another thing you can do to generate $50,000 per month. Your goal is to look for products that you can buy at a low price in one marketplace and then sell them for higher prices in a different marketplace. However, it’s best to remember that most people will need a lot of effort due to the costs in inventory.

Some of the best places to flip products are eBay and Amazon, where there is already a huge customer base that is just itching to buy all kinds of items. To ensure that you make a profit, you can find your products for sale at yard sales, clearance stores, browsing online sales, or at discount sections. Be sure to purchase items that have a good profit margin and those which have a high likelihood of selling.

The best part about this option is that you can start with a fairly small amount of money. For instance, you can start with just $1,000 whereas selling your first batch of inventory may leave you with $1,500. As a result, you have more money than what you started with, which means you’ll have more money to buy more products to help you build up your income to $50,000 per month.

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13. Combine Several Methods Above

The most achievable way of building up towards an income of $50,000 is to combine a few of the methods outlined above. You might not a winning plan right from the start and no matter which method(s) you choose from above, it may still take a few years before you truly get the results you desire. As such, a combination of the options above makes the most sense when trying to make $50,000 a month.

For example, even if your YouTube channel alone can’t make $50,000 every month, you can combine this with another part-time business such as a blog on the same topic as your YouTube channel. You can also create a blog that’s entirely different from your channel, which will attract a different kind of audience, and then somehow incorporate the two together.

You can also think of other combinations that will complement each other, such as flipping websites and making a YouTube channel about your journey, or selling your courses on sales while working as a top salesman. Furthermore, you don’t have to limit your streams of income to just two sources. Most millionaires will say that they have seven streams of income. So you can pick as many from the options above as you want to ensure that you hit your goal of earning $50,000 every month.

What NOT To Do To Earn $50,000 in a Month (all of the below)

While we’ve outlined the best ways to earn money, there are also a few things that don’t belong on this list. You might earn money quickly by using the methods below, though they may not give the results you want and some are illegal. No matter what you do, avoid trying to amass money through the methods below.


Gambling can quickly hook a person who desperately wants to get cash fast. Using the promise of a big-time jackpot, anyone can lose focus on long-term development for instant gratification. However, the chances of winning big through gambling are smaller compared to getting started with a YouTube channel and working hard to get a big audience.

Moreover, the effects of gambling go beyond financial aspects, but may also affect your work and personal relationships. You may also experience the emotional effects of gambling, which may start small but will eventually build up to cause all kinds of stress in your life. Gambling addiction is about emotions, where you will experience the fun of winning, the joy of socializing with other gamblers, and the feeling of relaxation you get from the downtime it offers.

However, this all comes at a price and will also bring emotions like pain, stress, guilt, and regret. While it might be easy to forget these parts of gambling, they will often build up, even if you don’t gamble often or gamble for much. Once you experience losses, you might find yourself feeling down, and you might become short-tempered, and easily stressed or annoyed.

All of a sudden, you’re feeling all the effects of gambling. This may not happen right away, which might be the reason why people don’t always see the negative effects of gambling. Even so, it’s best to know that gambling isn’t just about the money — it’s also about how you act and feel.

Insider Trading

If you’re unaware of what insider trading is, it refers to the sharing of information around a small group of people. Vital information will usually be given to a select group of people inside a company (called insiders) who will then share it with a small group of people outside of the company. As such, insider trading provides an unfair advantage, allowing people to earn from information that’s meant to be kept confidential.

The two main reasons why insider trading is illegal is because of the following:

  • It allows an insider to influence the value of a company’s stocks while simultaneously misrepresenting the company on a large scale.
  • It places the interest of the insider over those whom they owe a fiduciary duty.

As a result, insider trading can shift the financial market globally, causing a domino effect for all employees, as well as those who are affected by their trading. Finally, someone who participates in insider trading not only risks their sense of work ethic but also their reputation.

Multi-level Marketing Schemes

A multi-level marketing company sells its products and services on a person-to-person basis. This means that they sell directly to other people which can occur in their home, the customer’s home, or through an online platform. If you join an MLM program, the company may call you an independent 

“contractor,” “participant,” or “distributor.” Companies participating in MLM schemes claim that you can make money in two ways:

  • By getting people to join and getting commissions based on what they bought from you as well as their sales to retail customers
  • By selling MLM’s products to customers who aren’t involved with the company

The people that the company recruits along with your recruits will become your sales network. If by chance the MLM isn’t using a pyramid scheme, then it will be able to pay you based on the sales you make from your customers even if you don’t recruit new distributors.

People who end up joining a legitimate MLM will make little to no money, and some will even lose money. Other times, people will think that they’ve joined a legitimate MLM, only to find out that it works through an illegal pyramid scheme that only takes their investments, leaving them with huge debts. The bottom line is that less than 1% of people involved in an MLM make substantial money.

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Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, scammers have become rampant and all kinds of scams have been on the rise. You wouldn’t want to be a victim of a scam, so don’t think about earning money in the same way. To protect yourself from getting scammed, it’s best to learn how to recognize them.

Banking Scams

Banking scams involve individuals who would try to access your bank accounts. In these situations, it’s best to protect yourself by gathering as much information as you can to recognize and report such attempts.

Telephone Scams

Telephone scammers will try to steal your personal information or money. These kinds of scams will usually come in the form of a phone call from an actual person, a recorded call, or a text message. A caller will often make promises such as the opportunity to invest your money, buy products, or get free product trials. Other times, they may also offer money through free lotteries and grants.

Investment Scams

Investment scams refer to scams that promise high returns but without any financial risks. Again, it’s best to protect yourself by gathering as much information as you can to recognize and report such attempts.

A census scam can happen when a scammer pretends to work for the Census Bureau to steal personal details from you.

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Lottery and Sweepstakes Scams

Scammers will also try to get your details by using fake lotteries, sweepstakes, and other contests. They will claim that you’ve won a prize but you’ll first need to pay before getting it. Scams will try to reach you via email, phone call, text, postal mail, or even a recorded phone call.

Government Grant Scams

A government scam will try to steal money from you by providing you with a grant for home repairs or college. These scammers will ask for your checking account information, where they will ask for a “one-time processing fee.” However, it’s best to remember that government grants are rarely awarded to individuals. These will usually go to local and state governments, universities, or other organizations.

Pyramid Schemes

A pyramid scheme is a type of multi-level marketing program and is marketed as such. And much like MLM, it functions by having a constant flow of recruits to keep it going. The way it works is that investments from recruits are used to pay profits to those who have been in the company longer.

Pyramid schemes will usually close down once they can no longer recruit new participants to pay their earlier investors. As a result, these scams always end up failing — and this is guaranteed.

Charity Scams

Unfortunately, some scammers will go as far as setting up a fake organization to take advantage of people’s generosity. Such scams will usually take advantage of disasters and tragedies.

Wrapping It Up

As shown in the various methods above, there are plenty of ways for you to earn $50,000 each month. You don’t even need to just pick one — the best way to achieve this goal is by combining various streams of income. Through hard work and consistent effort, you can be sure to make a huge income.

However, making $50,000 a month won’t happen overnight, and it won’t happen through scams, gambling, insider trading, or schemes. Instead, you will need to work hard every day to make sure that your income streams grow and thrive. Be sure to use your business profits to keep investing in your businesses until you reach your goals — at the same time, investing in stocks can help to provide extra cash flow.