Investment Calculator

When you’re investing for the future, it’s beneficial to be able to estimate how much you might have down the road. Use Clean Cut Finance’s investment return calculator below to enter how much money you have invested, how much you’ll invest each month, for how long, and your anticipated return. 

You’ll then see your estimated balance along with how much you contributed and how much your balance is a result of growth from compound interest.

Savings and Investment Calculator







How to Use Clean Cut Finance’s Investment Return Calculator

Use the guide below to fill in the information requested in the calculator above:

  • Initial balance: Enter how much money you currently have invested or how much you have available to you to open your investment account with. This could be the balance in your 401(k), Roth IRA, or brokerage account for example.
  • Monthly contribution: Enter how much money you plan to contribute each month to your investment account. 
  • Invest for how many years: This is how many years you plan to invest more. This might be, for example, how many years until you plan to retire.
  • Return on investment (ROI) : Your anticipated ROI. The S&P 500 has historically returned around 10% per year, not including adjustments for inflation. While you may not see a 10% ROI every year, this number is included for reference.
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