Right Hand Itching

What Does Right Hand Itching Mean?

You may have heard the term “right hand itching” and wondered what that means. 

Having your palms itch is a superstition that can mean several different things based on what culture you come from or what religion you follow. 

It's a sensation or tingling feeling you get in your right hand, and some believe that it means good luck or good fortune is coming to you.

As you'll read in this article, the concept of having an itchy right hand can mean both good and bad things, as the superstition goes, but like all superstitions, most of these reasons are not grounded in science.

What Does Right Hand Itching Mean in Money?

In the world of money, the concept of having an itchy right palm is a superstition that can mean several different things.

While having an itchy right palm can mean several things, the general meaning is that when your right hand itches, you're about to have money come in.

This could be from something lucky like winning the lottery or, for example, meeting someone who opens a financial opportunity for you.

On the other hand, it's common to believe that when your left hand itches, you're about to have money go out.

This can mean that you're going to have a significant expense, but it can also mean that you'll spend money on something that will cause more money to come back in the future. An example of this is spending money on education to get a high-paying job.

That said, itchy hands mean different things in different cultures, and some believe that an itchy right palm means one thing for men and another thing for women.

What Does Right Hand Itching Mean for Men?

Some believe that when a man's right hand itches, it's a positive sign when it comes to money. The belief continues that when a man's left hand itches, it's a negative sign related to money.

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So, if you're a man and you have an itchy right palm, you might expect good fortune to come your way, such as a raise or bonus at work.

What Does Right Hand Itching Mean for Women?

An itchy right palm for women is sometimes thought of as the opposite of an itchy right palm for men. That is, for women, having an itchy right palm is a negative money sign, and having an itchy left palm is a positive money sign.

If you're a woman and your right palm itches, you might expect to either lose money soon, or you may believe that you'll spend some money now and have a positive return later. This depends on what you believe as to what a “negative money sign” is.

Other Beliefs for an Itchy Right Palm

There are other beliefs when it comes to one's right hand itching. Here are some of the most popular.

Bad Luck

In the book Folk-lore from Adams County, Illinois, having an itchy right hand is attributed to misfortune or bad luck, but it can also mean a friend you haven't seen in a long time will call you.

This belief seems to align more with what some believe it means for a woman's right hand to itch.

Big News

There's a belief that if your right palm is itching, then you will have big news come your way. Those that believe this believe you'll have to spit into your itchy palm to have that news reach you. 

Important Changes

You may leave a job, a relationship, or lose a friend if your right hand is itching. On the other hand, it could also mean you're going to move due to being unhappy with your current situation.

Additionally, your itchy right palm might mean that a new person is coming into your life and that this person will significantly change the direction of your life.  

These beliefs are noted in Superstitions and Folk Remedies.

Meet Someone New

According to The MetroWest Daily News, you might meet someone new if your right hand is itching. But, it also might mean to clean up your house because company is coming over.

Win a Fight or Overcome a Challenge

Some cultures believe that when your right hand itches, it means you'll win a fight or overcome a challenge.

The opposite is true if your left hand is itching. That is, you may lose a fight. 

An extension to this belief is that an itchy right hand might mean that good fortune is coming to you, but you'll have to face a challenge and fight for it. 

Religious and Cultural Beliefs for Itchy Right Hand

In several religious faiths, having an itchy right hand signifies something good.

Christianity has a verse that could signify good fortune when one's right hand itches.

  • “But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be in secret.” – Matthew, 6:3-4

You might interpret the verse as that you're giving to charity without telling others about it – that is, you give without needing recognition.

On the other hand, the Chinese don't believe that itchy hands are a good sign at all. Instead, they consider it a bad omen.

Other cultures and religions have their own beliefs about itchy hands, which shows you that superstitions about the same thing have various meanings all over the world.

Right Hand Itching and the Lottery

There are reports of people who say they won the lottery shortly after having their right hands itched.

As much as it may be tempting to correlate itchy hands to a big win like the lottery, there is no scientific correlation between an itchy right hand and winning the lottery.

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You'll have to make the personal decision whether or not to play the lottery when you have an itchy right palm.

In fact, you may want to consider not playing the lottery at all, as the odds of winning are so significantly low that you have a much higher chance of building wealth over your entire life than you ever would winning the lottery once in your entire life.

How Did The Itchy Palms Superstition Start?

The Celts in the pre-Christian era believed that rubbing their skin on silver would cure almost any ailment. They would then rub their itchy hands on silver.

As time passed, beliefs formed that itchy palms meant that you would receive silver soon.

Eventually, Roma fortune tellers altered the version to what many believe today, which is that the right hand means money is coming your way.

Scientific Reasons for an Itchy Palm

Scientifically speaking, there is no correlation between an itchy palm and money coming to you or you losing money. It is entirely superstitious to believe that itchy palms have anything to do with money.

Itchy palms can be due to things such as allergies, dryness, or other more serious medical conditions like diabetes or nerve issues.

What to Consider for All Superstitions

According to the International Journal of Psychology and Behavioral Science, superstitions can help reduce anxiety as our primitive ancestors “could not understand the forces and whims of [the] natural world.”

The article states that superstitions have “evolved” to produce “a false sense of having control over outer conditions.”

When your right hand is itching, it likely means nothing, scientifically, relating to money, however, it's popular in many cultures to attribute an itchy right hand to good fortune.

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