How To Cash A Check Without ID

Person signing a check that they will cash without id

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What happens when you don't have a form of ID, and you need to cash a check? It's possible that you might have lost your ID or have gotten it stolen, and now everyday tasks have been interrupted. The good news is, there are ways to cash a check without an ID.

In this article, we'll go over several ways you can cash a check without ID so that you can access money should you be in a situation where you don't have identification.

Let's jump right in.

Forms of Identification Needed to Cash a Check

Many banks require you to have a form of identification in order to cash a check. The forms of ID that might be accepted by your bank include:

  • A state or federal issued photo ID, like a driver's license
  • Military ID
  • US Passport
  • US Visa

Your ID must also be current and not expired. Places that require ID won't let you cash a check if your ID isn't current.

However, there are cases where you might not have any of these forms of identification. For example, maybe you lost your wallet with all the necessary ID to cash a check, or maybe you're in high school and don't have a driver's license yet. You also might have an expired ID and haven't had a chance to replace it.

Some places may also require a second form of ID, such as a:

  • Credit Card
  • Utility Bill
  • Employment Photo ID
  • Student ID
  • US Birth Certificate
  • Welfare Photo ID

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Do You Need an ID to Cash a Check?

According to a study done by the Brennan Center, more than 21 million individuals do not have a government-issued photo ID.

You may need to have a photo ID to cash a check, so you should always carry ID when you go to a check-cashing place, like a bank. That said, you have options to cash a check if you don't have ID.

Who Might Cash a Check Without ID?

The following people may not have ID and could need to cash a check:

  • People who have lost their ID
  • People who don't live in the United States
  • Elderly people who don't drive anymore
  • Poor people who don't have easy access to getting a valid ID
  • High school students

How To Cash a Check Without ID

Having no ID doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to cash a check. Here are some options you have if you find yourself needing to cash a check and don't have ID on you.

Sign Your Check Over to a Trusted Person

A friend or family member can cash your check as a third party. You'll simply sign your check over to them, and they'll cash it for you. While this can be an effective method for cashing a check without ID, not all banks will allow you to do this due to the risk of fraud. Some banks may require you to be present and provide ID if your friend or relative is trying to cash the check as a third party.

Check the bank's check-cashing policy to see if they require you to be present. If the bank will cash the check without you needing to be present, then your friend or relative will be able to cash your check for you and give you the money.

Use an ATM to Cash Your Check Without an ID

You can cash a check at certain ATMs. If your bank's ATMs support check cashing, here's what you need to do:

  • Insert your debit card.
  • Type in your PIN.
  • Select “Cash Check”
  • Insert your check into the check deposit slot of the ATM. Make sure you endorse the back of the check first.
  • Confirm the check amount.
  • Withdraw the money

There may be a limit to how much you can receive from an ATM using this method, and any amount beyond the limit will likely need to be deposited or placed on a prepaid card.

Cash Your Check Without an ID Using Your Bank's Online Mobile App

If your bank has a mobile app, you can make a mobile deposit with their mobile app without having an ID. You'll log into your account, scan your endorsed check, and soon after, you'll have access to the funds.

But, if your bank doesn't have a mobile app for cashing your check, you can also use a check-cashing app. One such app is the Ingo Money App, which will allow you to cash a check for a small fee and send it to a debit card or gift card.

The app cashes both checks and money orders. You can use personal checks, payroll checks, business checks, and government checks. In short, this app will save you a lot of time if you need to cash a check when you're at home versus driving to the bank to do so.

You can download the Ingo Money App on your phone in the App Store or on Google Play.

Another option is to use your PayPal account. PayPal has a check-cashing service that may make sense for you if you already use PayPal for other things.

Cash Your Check Without an ID at Walmart

It's possible to cash a check at Walmart without an ID. You can go to a Money Center in Walmart and cash your check. The Walmart Service Desk will also cash a check for you.

You can choose to receive your funds in cash or on a Walmart MoneyCard. Walmart charges $4 to cash a check up to $1,000 and $8 for a check up to $5,000.

If Walmart isn't an option, many grocery stores will allow you to cash a check.

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Deposit Your Check and then Withdraw Funds Later

Another option you have if you don't have an ID and want to cash a check is to deposit the check into your bank account, wait for the money to clear, and then withdraw the money with an ATM card or from your bank.

You may have to wait 3-5 business days for your bank to clear your funds, but some banks will give you access to a portion of your funds right away.

Where Else to Cash a Check Without ID

If you're wondering where to cash a check without ID, here are some more options:

  • The bank that issued the check
  • The credit union that issued the check
  • Your bank's ATM
  • Places that regularly cash checks
  • Retail stores such as Walmart or other grocery stores

How To Endorse a Check to Someone Else to Cash

If you want someone else to cash your check for you, follow these steps:

  1. Find someone you trust that will cash the check for you.
  2. Ensure that the bank where you're cashing the check will accept the check
  3. Sign the check on the back where the check reads “Endorse Check Here.”
  4. Below your signature, write the words “Pay to the order of” and then write the other person's name.
  5. Give the other person the check and have them cash it.

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Wrapping It Up

In this article, we went over how to cash a check without an ID so that if you're ever in a situation where your ID isn't available, you'll still have the ability to get money via cashing a check.

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