Auto Loan Calculator

An auto loan calculator can determine how much money you’ll spend each month on an upcoming car purchase. 

The below auto loan calculator has you enter the price of the car and additional information to determine what your loan amount will be and how much your monthly payment is for the term of the loan. Below the calculator are more detailed instructions on how to use it.

Auto Loan Calculator

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How to Use This Auto Loan Calculator

To use the above auto loan calculator, you’ll minimally have to enter the price of the car. The following information can also be entered if you have the information available.

Price of Car

The price of the car is how much you’ll pay before any taxes, fees, rebates, or subtraction from a trade-in. This is either the sticker price of the vehicle or the negotiated base amount that the car is bought at.

Sales Tax

If you live in a state with sales tax, enter the percentage of sales tax that you’ll pay when you purchase the car.

Annual Interest Rate

Your interest rate is determined based on your credit score and loans that are available to you at the time of purchase. Once you have an annual percentage rate quoted, enter it here. 

You can often get better loan rates at a bank or credit union before going to the auto dealer. An auto dealer may offer financing as well, though you may find better rates and deals elsewhere.

Loan Term

Enter the loan term in months. Auto loans are typically 36, 48, 60, 72, or 84 months long.

Trade-In and Trade-In Value

If you have a trade-in, enter the estimated value of your trade-in. This will be subtracted from the loan amount.

Estimated Dealer Fees

Your dealer may have fees associated with purchasing a car. If you know these fees, enter them here. An estimate suffices as well.

Estimated Rebates

Some dealers run specials seasonally in the form of rebates. Enter any rebates that you expect to receive.

Estimated Down Payment

Enter the down payment amount you expect to put toward your car purchase. 


Once you’ve entered all of the information, the calculator will automatically update and tell you information about the price of the car, taxes, your trade-in value, the loan amount, and finally, your monthly payment.

Price of Car and Fees

The amount here is how much your car will cost after all fees are applied.


The amount here is how much will be added to your purchase for sales tax.


Rebates are subtracted from the car's total cost and are noted here.

Down Payment

The down payment you entered in the calculator appears here and is subtracted from the total outstanding balance.

Trade-in Value

Your trade-in value is subtracted from the total outstanding balance.

Loan Amount

This is the final amount of money you’ll borrow from a lender to finance the car.

Monthly Payment

The amount displayed here is your monthly payment due each month for the term of the loan.

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