Helping millennials save money, crush their debt, and reach their financial dreams

Clean Cut Finance is a personal finance platform geared towards helping millennials improve their knowledge around money.

The vision for Clean Cut Finance is to provide a place for millennials to find answers to common personal finance topics. Financial literacy is an important aspect of all our lives and through financial education, we can better make decisions around money that help us live a happier life.

As of 2020, 80% of Americans are in debt and around 39% of Americans don’t have enough money to cover a $400 emergency. The average credit card debt in an American family is just over $6,000.

Through education, we can learn to save more money, pay down debt faster, and invest for our futures. We can learn ways to earn more money, advance in our careers, and be better prepared for life’s hiccups.

As we learn more about money, one thing we have to do is forgive ourselves for past money mistakes. The thing is, we’ve all made financial mistakes. Once we let go of the past, we can start working towards better money habits for the future.

Finding out what’s important to you and setting financial goals is the next step. From there, creating a budget, tracking your spending, and then starting an emergency fund will place you on the path towards handling unexpected expenses that pop up. 

Crushing your debt is vital; especially high interest debt like credit card debt. Using the debt snowball method or the debt avalanche method will help you get out debt.

Finally, once you’re out of debt and have money set aside, you can begin to invest for your future and build wealth.

Clean Cut Finance was founded by Dave Bochichio in June 2021.