Clean Cut Finance is a personal finance blog developed to help millennials navigate their finances by teaching methods on how to earn more money through entrepreneurship, how to save more money, how to get out of and stay out of debt, and how to be more financially free.

Founded in June 2021 by Dave Bochichio, a Certified Educator in Personal Finance, Clean Cut Finance is driven to help spread, promote, and improve financial education so that we can all make smarter money moves and live financially fuller lives.

Our Mission

We passionately strive to provide financial education to our readers so that they can make good money choices in their life. This includes paying off debt, investing for their future, and pursuing entrepreneurship, whether through side hustles or founding businesses that lead them to great success. Our ultimate dream is for our readers to find financial success and live their best life, however they choose to.

Our Core Values

  1. We want to provide the best financial education that we can and give our readers enough information to make their own informed decisions as they navigate their financial lives.
  2. We primarily focus on how to increase one’s income so that you can live your life the way you want. 
  3. We strive to teach the importance of living below your means to keep our readers out of debt and enable them to grow their wealth year over year.
  4. We want our readers to feel they have the confidence to succeed financially, regardless of past habits or financial mistakes, as these are all learning experiences that will better us.
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